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In Home Service

We offer in home service for your computers, home network, printing and mobile integration needs.  No more disconnecting all of your cables, loading up all of the equipment and taking it to the service center.  We bring the service center to you !

Often, the problem lies with some site related issue, a bad connection, power related problems, network interference and more.   These problems cannot be resolved at the service center, they must be diagnosed and resolved on site.

Many companies charge extra for on-site service...
We offer this service at no additional charge!

Free Pickup and Delivery

Sometimes the work required to complete the repair is best performed in the shop.

Problems like virus removal, system cleaning or even a software installation require a lot of time for the software process to complete, but a relatively small amount of the technician's time is required for installation of the various tools. Other times, especially in the case of a system failure requiring parts replacement or extensive testing, the work can only be properly performed in the shop where we can utilize the proper tools and procedures.

Whatever the reason, if it is determined that the repair needs to be performed in our shop, there is no charge for pickup or delivery of your system.